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Domain com.or.id

I registered this domain com.or.id couple of days ago, because I need to test some web application built on PHP. So I was thinking, is it worth to register new domain such as domainname.com/org/net/whatever top level domain.

But rather than spend my bucks just for nothing I can’t utilize in the future, I thinked that it should be registering new domain I can use for long time.

I registered this domain com.or.id and i can use anything domainname.com.or.id. It was quite short domain and can be memorized without pain, since I’m living in Indonesia so I think it will be great for Search Engine Optimization with country code top level domain .ID.


Hi WordPress, I’m back

This is the wordpress content management system I’ve installed for more than 100+ times. I love wordpress so much because it can be customized and of course because it’s an opensource.

This time I will spent much with this CMS and trying to sharing thoughts and ideas which can accelerate my skills and networks, friends and groups also.

So, just one word, I’m back!

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!